About the Books

The idea of a dog instantly recognizing Jesus and surrendering to him startled me one day.  I was sitting in church, watching children not paying attention to the sermon, when I realized that there had to be a different way to engage kids with Christ.  I pictured my daughter playing with our dog, each adoring the other with a freedom of expression that was a joy to watch.  And in that instant, the connection between dog and God was made!

Walk With the Master is a fictional story about what it might have been like to walk the dusty streets of Nazareth next to Jesus everyday.  But more than the experience, the story dives deeper into what Jesus would have said to a bully and his victim, or when to forgive and release, or even how to act in the middle of a personal crisis.

A new study guide has just been published that delves deeper into the life lessons found in the book.  Called The Faithful Companion Guide, each lesson contains a teacher’s guide, discussion topics, supporting Bible verses and simple activities that demonstrate how these concepts can be used everyday.  You and your child will experience how to forgive and accept others, based on a strengthened relationship with the Master.

Both of these books were written with the hope that they would spark a closer walk with Jesus in the life of your child and in you, the parent.  Please visit to learn more and to order copies.  Also available on

Walk With the Master and he will lead you home.




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