Once upon a time (just last night) …

26 Dec

Some thoughts on Christmas and our presents…


Once upon a time (just last night – Christmas Eve), in a land far, far away (about 35 miles from my home) … I saw God!

It started out like many holiday gatherings; one that has it’s usual assortment of aunts and uncles and cousins and, in our case, a healthy smattering of friends who may not share our “blood line,” but who never the less belong with us – and to us.  Our clan has grown seemingly over night, with several of us now elevated to “greatness,” as in great-grandmother and great-aunt.  The children showed off their children, who in turn showed off their new husbands and boyfriends.  Babies bounced from lap to lap and toddlers were given free reign to run and explore.  Little boys who were just children a minute ago somehow became teenagers when we weren’t looking.  Little girls who once huddled together in their own…

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