How Do You Make a Turning?

23 Apr

Have you ever been called to step out of your comfort zone…for no logical reason other than you felt a strong desire? If you followed that desire, what was the result? Did it benefit you and those around you?

What if that strong desire was actually God whispering for you to go…and take the turning? Puts a different spin on it, doesn’t it?view

A new devotional novel has just been released, called The Turning. Written by Davis Bunn, a self-proclaimed renaissance man who is a New York Times Best Selling Author, teacher and speaker. He is also a devout Christian who has explored many issues of the Christian faith in today’s confused world.

The message of The Turning is that you are not strong enough to go alone. Instead of asking God to solve the problem, turn to God so you can grow closer to him. It is a simple shift in perspective but a profound one. And that same shift is experienced by the characters, who also struggle to hear God’s response to their pleas.

The clash of good v. evil is portrayed vividly in the book. The power of the media is pitted against the power of God. Darkness seems to overtake everything, until one man’s soul lights up with God’s purpose. Nothing can stop him from doing God’s will. And in those moments of pure courage, he discovers his own will is the same as God’s.

And his life is never the same.

Please pick up a copy of The Turning. There are also 40 days of lessons and a wonderful podcast series that goes further in-depth to the meaning of attentiveness ( Learn how to open a space for God, and you will have made the turning part of your life.


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