When God Shows Up

11 Nov
When God Shows Up

Lately, taking in the mess that the world is in, I have wondered about the point of it all. Are we here to make each other miserable or to create joy and happiness? When I look just to the outside world, the answer seems to fall into the first category. But when I stop a moment and “go inside,” a different response emerges.

We are here to love.

But how do I love someone who has hurt me or treated me poorly? How do I accept the prejudice, hatred and malice that daily appears across television screens or on my smartphone?

Perhaps I ask the wrong question. The inquiry, “How do I” invites more questions, not answers. It sets me up to be convinced, when I should be convicted.

The first place to begin is to be convicted of my place in the world. I am a child of God, beloved and cherished. My status is assured. And from that place of security, of pure love, I can turn back to the outer world with a different eye and heart.

Another realization logically stems from the first. If I am a child of God, beloved and cherished…that means that you are too. It includes everyone who has ever lived, walked the earth and died. Even those who have done horrific things…and that is the wall I always come up against.

And that is where God steps in.

I am a child of God and so are they. My judgment of other’s actions is to really judge myself. And for that, I must forgive.


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