The Forty Day Journey – Day 7

29 Feb

Today is Leap Day (02/29/12). That one day every four years that is added to balance out the calendar. Makes you wonder about the arbitrariness of time. One thing in life is not arbitrary – God’s love for us.

Today’s reading is from Genesis Chapter 2, which describes how God made the earth, all the living creatures and his greatest creation – Man and Woman. They lived in the Garden of Eden and knew no shame, because they were one with God. It was not until they moved away from God and chose to eat the forbidden fruit that they perceived a separateness from him.

We are so much like Adam and Eve. Choosing a path away from God, only to discover that all we wanted was to stay with him. Come home to God. Ask his forgiveness and ask him to come into your heart. He never refuses a genuine request and he always answers. It may not be the answer you want, but it will also be what you need to grow.

God’s love is steadfast, eternal and constant. Unlike time, which is capricious, mocking and arbitrary. Which would you rather live by?

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